A selection of our cable clamp range:

Shown right are sleeved and plain clamps

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Plain: Mild Steel, Spec. BS1449 CR4/EN10130-DC01, Zinc Plated and Chromate Passivated

Sleeved: As above, but with a Neoprene sleeve.

'M' Ranges, both single and twin :-

Bolt Size  Smallest Pipe Dia  Largest Pipe Dia
M6 3mm 80mm
M8 5mm 80mm
M10 5mm 80mm
 M12 8mm 90mm
M14 12mm 100mm



Methods of calling up part number:-

Examples:  1) Single Pipe Clamp, without sleeve to fit 10mm pipe and fixed by M6 bolt.


2) Twin Pipe Clamp, without sleeve to fit 2 x 38mm pipes and fixed by M8 bolt.


3) Single Pipe Clamp, sleeved, to fit 50mm pipe and fixed by M10 bolt.


4) Twin Pipe Clamp, sleeved to fit 2 x 25mm pipes and fixed by M14 bolt.


Pipework Support Range

Designed specifically to fit in any position, European 25mm and 41mm square rails for pipework support systems.

PS-25.010 to 142  Plain
PS-25.010S to 142S Sleeved
PS-41.017 to 220 Plain
PS-41.017S to 220S Sleeved

CPC Range for Lighter Applications

Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Plain or Sleeved

All 12.7mm wide to suit M5 or M6 bolts.

Pipes sizes 3mm to 110mm diameter.

DSP Range for Imperial Pipes and Bolts

Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Plain or Sleeved
Bolt Sizes 0.25", 0.312", 0.375" and 0.500"

Pipe sizes 0.25" to 4.125"

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